Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

I know! It's about time for pictures!! It has been more than 5 weeks, and since I feel as though I am getting bigger by the minute, I am quite certain that I have grown over the course of 5 weeks!! Well, today is Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for my big belly because it means that there is a healthy baby inside who we will all soon get to meet:):) Although Matt has been sick for a few days, for some reason he got really excited to take pictures of me yesterday, so here are a couple of the growth.

Friday, November 21, 2008

it's all in my head!

I've had a headache for 4 days now! It started in my neck as usual, then became a headache, followed by an overnight, full-blown, all the extras, no sleep at all, migraine! no fun! and I still have it and I am hoping and praying that it goes away soon. I don't know if it's the baby, but I definitely don't want it to last for 5 more weeks!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's for real!!

I know it has been for real all along, and I have been carrying this baby in my stomach now for over 7 months! But with actually filling a room with toys and clothes and necessities, with having a car seat and a bed and lots of diapers is feeling even more real! In less than 2 months (hopefully!) I will be waking up at all hours of the night (to feed instead of using the bathroom like I am already), carrying a baby with my arms and not my stomach, and looking into the eyes of a beautiful baby boy created by God. CRAZY!! and EXCITING!!! WOW!!!