Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Photo courtesy of Crystal George Studios

I have 3 boys that I absolutely adore!
Mothers Day was such a blessing! I received a lovely rhyme from hubs about what an awesome mom I am! I can never be reminded enough about the positive things that I can do as a mother for my kids (because I have plenty of negative things going around and around in my head about myself as a mother)!
And my boys gave reasons for why they love me, in their own words. So Sweet!! I love that Micah and Judah are at the age where they can process and not just repeat.

The day after Mothers Day, my Dad came to visit. They have become Poppa Needim and Grandma Lyn. It's good that they know who is who, since they have 4 sets of grandparents (to spoil them!!).
It was a great visit and we had lots of quality time with grandparents and Uncle Chad and cousin Ava. And the boys each got a huge truck to play with.  A few pictures from the visit.

They are all growing up so fast! All 4 of them were slightly sick during the visit, but it didn't stop the fun or the smiles.