Monday, November 21, 2011

New Beginnings

I'm a bit overwhelmed that it's been almost 3 months since I've written. 3 months with kids so young means SO many changes...instead of trying to catch up on everything that's happened, I will give a quick update on where we are now and hope to get more consistent in writing again.....only time will tell...

Micah is active. He is sensitive. He talks great (for his age, I've heard, but all I know is he talks great!). He is learning to be more social. He loves to run around the house. His favorite movie is Cars. He is smart, but sometimes acts younger, probably to get attention. He sleeps in a twin bed. He is fairly well potty trained. He is not cuddly, so it is very sweet and special when he does want to.

Judah is hilarious. He is learning to talk so fast and so good. He is doing everything he can to keep up with Micah. He bites in self-defense. He will be tougher than Micah. He is messy. And sometimes gross. He is slowly learning to use the potty. He is hard to discipline because he is too cute sometimes. He is very social when he wants to be. He is mischievous and a leader. He is snugly and I love this time with him.

Isaiah Joseph! Born September 7, 2011. He was my biggest @ 7 lbs 3 oz. He sleeps on his stomach. He is my most expressive so far. He smiles and has laughed. He still gets up during the night to eat, but falls back asleep quickly and sleeps well between feedings. He does great with his brothers touching/prodding/poking/loving on him all the time. He does well with chaos and noise. He has the lightest eyes and I hope they will stay blue. I cherish my time with him and love that God blessed us with him!