Sunday, February 28, 2010

Camera Found, Lots of Updates!

So, our camera was lost for a while. Coulda been was behind a couch...good to move furniture once in a lots to update about...
Some things that don't involved the camera:
Micah has a mouthful of teeth right now. I think he has 10 fully through (including 2 molars) and 2 eye teeth partially through, with about 3-4 more swollen and on the verge of emerging...but no complaining!
Micah has begun to try and repeat more of the words we say (except Daddy, since he insists on calling him Matt, which I'm sure is my fault!) and has started trying to sing songs along with us.
He is walking great, getting some good speed at times, almost making it look like he wants to run.
Micah loves throwing away his own diapers in the trash, he listens when we tell him not to go upstairs, he makes lots of silly faces, he has a hilarious fake laugh and an even better belly laugh!
And for the pictures that were missing...
Micah loves, loves, loves bananas. He has eaten them since the beginning. Not too long ago I started cutting them up and letting him feed himself. This works great, unless he is in a playful experimental mood and chooses to find out what all he can do with them. Mainly squeezing...Now he will actually just take the whole banana and walk around with it feeding himself out of the peel just like I would eat one. What a grown-up!
Then we started trying out other foods that he could feed himself/occupy himself with. He has enjoyed carrots, especially holding one piece in each hand and walking around with them while gradually gnawing on them. And even better is if we leave some dip out and he can work his way back to the dip whenever he is ready.
And then with all the snow we have had this year (SO unusual here!) it has allowed Micah time and separate opportunities to gradually get used to it. From not wanting to be out in it, to being skeptical about touching it, to eventually eating it and laying in it!
Not really ok with this stuff at all! Get me back inside!

More ok with being outside in the snow this time, but still not so sure about actually touching it.

And after the third big snow, he is all about it! Eating it, laying in it, playing in it!
SO glad we found the camera! What a cutie! And I can only imagine what a great big brother he is going to be!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


my camera...
not my son...
blogs are not quite as fun without photos, especially when talking about a toddler!
We've had lots of snow this year and Micah has gradually gotten more comfortable in it...but I want to show the pictures, not just talk about it!

So, for now, I will just say that he is cutting his third molar and has been amazing with cutting teeth thus far! This would be his 11th tooth, and it is normally not noticeable except that he gets a little more clingy (or lovey, as I like to think of it) and he sleeps more! Can't complain about being loved on when he is awake, and long, hard naps for sleeping...
He was starting to act up a little this evening, before 5, so we put him in his crib for a "time out." He actually normally really enjoys handing out by himself for a while in there. He needs alone time too every now and again. My hubby didn't turn his heater on, didn't turn his noise machine on, but did give him his pacifier...
it's been 4 hours now, so I think he might be out for the night, although we will have to "sneak" in there to turn on the heater and noise, and to change him into a bigger diaper...he pees way too much at night! Poor little fella was all tuckered out! Hopefully he'll go right back to sleep!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


My 13 month son is finding his independence, getting very comfortable with going anywhere and everywhere. on his own.
My baby in my belly is finding his way out! He's in the right position and I'm starting to dilate, so it's only a matter of a few weeks now! He lets me know with his kicks and punches that he wants out, good to know my body is cooperating with him!