Thursday, February 28, 2008


I don't have a great history with relationships...keeping them, i mean. i moved around a lot, and kept in touch with people each of those times for a little while, but then it starts to get old and hard and almost not worth it-the time and energy. then i just decide to be friends with the new people i have met and move on...from elementary to middle school to high school to college.....but i am finding relationships more enjoyable recently. i mean, just sitting down with people over coffee and trying to talk about life and love and passion....trying to build into friendships that will hopefully last if another move ever occurs. I truly believe God is helping me to see others the way He sees them and to love others the way He loves them! Thanks! i am mosst thankful for my very best friend, Matt, but i am also very thankful for my other friends God has given me!

Friday, February 8, 2008

More from AZ

There was something about being out in the woods for 2 weeks that was great for me! I didn't have any headaches, my knees rarely hurt, my muscles were sore but in a good way, my bowels were so regular that i went every day after brerakfast and sometimes again later in the day... i don't know if it is just being out there, or the food was different, or my neck does good when i sleep on the ground, or my knees do better when i am hiking 10 miles a day...who knows. but things are different. i have had a headache almost everyday since i got back, but knees hurt more from sitting all day than they did from hiking, my neck hurts more from looking at a computer (or stress or some other unknown) than it did from sleeping on the ground and carrying weight on my back everyday, my leg muscle are in more pain from cramping up because i am sitting at a desk all day...i think i need to go back out into the woods!