Thursday, December 20, 2007


I am remided everyday why i don't like dogs and why i don't want one! I love our new house that we just moved into...the worst part? the do next door!!!!! It is outside the majority of the time, and it is almost always barking...we leave on a fairly busy street, near a college, and people are always walking and running and whatever...and the dog feels the need to bark everytime!! and for a long time!! not cool!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Boys will be Boys

OK. let me just say right off, that my boys will NOT be wrestlers!
BUT, i went to my first wrestling match ever yesterday, a middle school match, and it was HIlarious! the kid we were going to watch was in lightweight, so we didn't stay real long into it (didn't stay to watch the girl) but i think the little kids are probably the funniest! wriggling and squirming and flipping and sliding all over the mat, i was seriously laughing! one kid got pinned in 8 seconds, but the kid we were watching took it to 3 rounds before wearing down to exhaustion...he was a fighter, but i don't know if i want that kind of a fighter in my house...i want to be a soccer mom:)!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Summer in the Winter

It's 70 degrees outside! We already had summer and I was very ready for winter...but no, summer came back! I want to use my fire place and not sweat:)

I know it is warm out, but I was watching a story this morning about a winter driving school out in CO and I think everyone everywhere should be required to take it! Seriously, how many cars did you see abandoned along the side of the road or turned upside down last week when a little ice came through? And ice is so much more annoying than driving on snow. People think it is nothing, think they can handle it, think they are the king of driving and will have no problems, but they have not gone to winter driving school and gotten their winter driving degree yet:) Either be willing to stay off the road or else be willing to drive slower and more cautiuosly when the weather is hazardous. I can't go out to CO for the school, but I watched with my eyes glued and I am ready for the 30 degree weather and precipitation this weekend!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Matt and I had our first Christmas party ever!! It was lots of fun and I am glad we did it! I definitely over prepared the food, but I would rather have leftovers than run out any day! It is so easy for us to be content with staying at home and watching football or CSI or whatever good is on, while playing on our computers at the same time...and we do enjoy ourselves. But how much better is life when we include others in on it? It's more fulfilling and I think if we do include others then we are being more like Christ. I think Jesus would have come to our party:) And he would have taken the picture of Jeremy to hang on his wall!! I think we should start having more parties...hold me to it:)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I remember when I was in high school and I had to write a letter to the newspaper and I decided to write about Christmas, and it actually got published! I wrote about how crazy it was that it wasn't even Thanksgiving before everything was out in the stores and the music was playing everywhere! So by the time Christmas actually rolled around, it seemed old! And every year it seems like decorations come out earlier and earlier for the holiday season...
But for some reason, this year I am really excited about Christmas!! And I have been for a while. I am trying not to go crazy buying decorations because I know how much things will go on sale the day after, and I love sales!! But it is hard not to buy! There is so much stuff that is SO cute and what if there is none left by the time things go on sale! I think it is because we moved into a new house and it is really big and it adds to the excitement of we are having a Christmas party....and Matt and I have NEVER had a "party" so I am really stoked to have people over and make the place look all festive. And I am even more stoked for the day after Christmas and all the sales so I can be even more festive next year! Plus it snowed today...I am so ready for the holidays!!! What an exciting time of year! There's a lot of exclamation points in here:)