Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Personality Differences

I don't want to "define" my children, and I don't want to make them into things they are not.
But here is what I see so far...
Micah is definitely going to be the more "serious" one. He has a great's just very hard to get him to laugh/smile.
Not a bad quality to have, just shows what his personality is like.
And then there is Judah. He is so ticklish, he smiles a ton, and it is much easier to get him to laugh.
I am hoping that since they seem to be quite different, they will get along MUCH better!

Friday, September 17, 2010

A little congested

Both boys have been a little congested lately. Not sure if it is in the air, or if they have a little bit of a sickness. The cutest part about it? If there can be a cute part about being congested...
Nose strips.
We tried the adult version first. Micah wore it for a few minutes, but then wanted it off.
So I found a version that would fit a little better.
If we call this one a nose bandaid he will leave it on all night, helping him to breathe better and stay asleep. And he gets pretty excited that he has stars on his nose.
The hard part? Getting it off in the morning.
So darn cute!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Growing and Changing

Judah changes daily. I know Micah did too, but I don't want to pass over these same excitements with Judah just because he is the "second child."
Judah weighs almost 16 pounds now! It's great because most of it is in his thighs and they are so perfect for squeezing!
Judah is rocking on his knees a lot. I think he is going to officially start crawling soon. Micah never rocked, he just went right into the army crawl...they are so different!
Judah has become a pro at holding is own bottle. We bond in other ways, but I like the freedom this creates for him and for us during these times.
He is getting better at eating "real" food.
He rolls. He smiles with his mouth and his eyes. He laughs the best little belly laugh there is. He is so ticklish.
He loves Micah and Micah loves him (maybe because Micah thinks Judah is a "doggie").
They are both growing up so much and it is so fun to experience the stages with them. I'm excited for the to start "playing" more together. More than Micah "playing" with Judah and Judah dealing with Micah. Oh the joy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sitting on the "exercise ball" and working on his stabilizing muscles...while playing the air drums with a fork and a spoon...

Friday, September 10, 2010


My hubs and I recently had the opportunity to get away. Just the two of us. For the first time since Judah was born. Just the two of us. Leaving both boys home.
Our first time leaving both boys overnight and our first time leaving the boys overnight with someone other than my mom. Nervous? Anxious? Worried? No, not really. Sad? Of course. Disappointed that we got away? Absolutely not!
It was such a great refresher for us. Did we talk about our kids while we were gone? Of course! They are a good chunk of our life right now. But we also talked about each other and life and the future and lots of other boring adult topics. And we took out tiiiiiiimmmmmeeeee eating a meal. And we had an adventure together by sleeping in our van. And we went to a baseball game. And sat. And watched the game (even though the Phillies pretty much played horrible that game) without chasing around Micah and entertaining Judah...
It was good for us. And good for the boys, I have no doubt. Good for them to be around other people. To be comfortable with us not always being the ones who put them to bed or get them out of bed. Good for them because we were so much more excited to see them and love on them when we got back because we missed them SO much!! So thankful!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Times With Micah

Some good times together at home...
drinking milk...
finding cool sunglasses to wear...
helping mommy do some work...
eating some watermelon...good thing there was a bib...
wearing mommy's clothes around the house...
Just a few of the things that keep us busy around the house...or at least while Judah is sleeping...