Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Milestones for the Little Guy

A beautiful growing boy, with a beautiful smile, two big (and sharp) teeth, a cute dimple, and lots of life! Think he is definitely going to have mom's eyes, hazel it is.
Micah has learned how to eat quite well. He loves food. He has also learned it is very hard to keep food in his mouth while simultaneously sneezing!
Micah has become very active and much more aware of his toys. This has led to him being very excited to play, while at the same time too tired to even keep his head up. This is what I find when it starts to get a little too quiet in the other room...
Micah is becoming quite the mobile little creature. And he is learning his "what? i'm innocent!" face.
One of Micah's newest discoveries is shoes. He has no fear of feet or shoes. He loves to touch and eat both, so watch out down below.
Micah is learning to read. And seems to be thoroughly enjoying it.
As Micah has become more mobile, he is showing us the things in our house that we need to "baby-proof" or at least be careful of. This is a new favorite.
As you can tell by the licking that followed. Mmmmm, Will Ferrell tastes good...
This is the face that might be seem when Micah is not getting what he wants. And he has a very good grip, as you might notice here. Watch out for those claws!
He is changing everyday, and we are loving every moment of it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mobile and Mischievous!

Micah is getting very mobile. He has a great army crawl! He is also very quickly showing us where and what we are going to need to baby proof. NOW!
Gotta go get some proofing done.

Afraid of Baby Einstein

Micah has seen the whole video before.
Numerous times.
He got scared today.
Really scared.
There are a couple of parts where they are playing "peek-a-boo" and a little stuffed animal pops up out of a basket. That's all it does.
Micah started crying. A really scared cry as he looked around the room to find me and reach he hands out for comfort. He did it each time the little animal popped up. I finally got him to settle back down and sit by himself to finish the video. Didn't know it did the same thing later in the video with a different animal. Oops! Same reaction!
Poor little guy!
Cute, though, too.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Edge of the Seat

We decided to talk a walk the other evening...and we're off...
Look at how tall he is sitting. No leaning back for this one, gotta get the full view!

As I look back at the picture above, I realize I might get this sort of look again later in life: "Mom. Seriously. Can we keep going? Can you stop taking my picture already!" HAHA
This is just cute. This is how he was pretty much the whole time. On the edge of his seat. Waiting for something spectacular to happen. Sitting forward. Hands up to hold on because of possible bad drivers! Looking at everything! He really does enjoy being outside!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cute and Cuddly

Micah picked up the sniffles this week. He is almost 7 months, so it's about time. May have been the warm water and then cold air at the Y for swim lessons. May have been someone he's been around. May be that our AC broke so our air is not circulating as well...Whatever is was, he's got them. It's really pitiful, but kinda cute at the same time.
The hardest part? Keeping the snot from constantly resting between his nose and lips. The next hardest part? getting the nose plunger up the nostrils! He keeps opening his mouth. As if he thinks I am trying to give him food?

It has made him want me more. Made him want to cuddle more. He has fallen asleep twice on me today and once lying next to me with his arm wrapped around my neck! Can't get much better than that! Lying head to head with his arm around me as I listen to his breathing (his sort of breathing since it is hard to breathe through his nose) get heavier and heavier.
He finally seemed asleep enough that I was able to pull away without him noticing...he is just too adorable!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Fun

Micah is taking swim lessons this week! Don't have pictures since I am in the water with him. Really, they say it is more swim lessons for the parents. HAHA. Well, lessons in teaching your own kid how to swim. Equipping me to continue equipping him. I like the idea!
We were trying to warm him up to the idea of what was to start this past Monday, so last Saturday we had him out in his baby pool.

I don't see anything wrong with this picture, but Matt thought it was funny, so he took it! It is a little uneven in spots, but I promise I didn't leave it like this just to see what crazy pattern we could make on his face. Promise!
He did good in the pool, but even better the next day in the lake! His first time in the lake! Sad face here as I recall that I forgot my camera for this momentous occasion. But it was great. He splashed and laughed (except when daddy played peek-a-boo in the water, Micah didn't like not knowing where he was!) and had a great time before falling asleep on the dock under a tent. So cute!
Swim lessons are going great. It just plum wears him out! He falls asleep on the way home (or sooner, like today when he fell asleep on my shoulder as I was exiting the water) and then sleeps for hooouuuurrrss. I mean, 3-4 at a time, maybe even twice in a day! Poor guy, that 30 minutes in the water is almost too much for him. If he didn't love it when he was in there I might begin to think I was torturing him. Good thing I'm not!