Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holidays and Growing Up

Thanksgiving came and went. It kinda feels like the past few months just came and went.
It's 2013 already?!
Micah turned 4. And it is the first thing he told anyone he saw for about 2 weeks after.
All he wanted for his birthday was for "Jeremiah to race around the track with me and play Wii with him." So we invited all the Bruce's over to celebrate and that is just what we did.
Isaiah has had many "monthdays" and is now almost 16 months! He has a twinkle in his eyes that seems to say, "i'm big and can do everything just like my brothers." He tries to do everything, tries to say everything, tries to mimic everything that he sees and hears. And it's awesome!

Judah is exactly 2 months from turning 3. I think because he is so close in age to Micah, sometimes we actually forget he is not quite 3 yet. We have to remind ourselves that he is not twins with Micah. We can't expect the exact same from him. He is small for his age, but has been eating a lot lately and, i think, is determined to "grow bigger."

Christmas was good, but it came and went faster than i was ready for. And i was really sick most of the week, so it was relaxed and included lots of resting on the couch for me and lots of new toys and movie times for the boys. It's always great to "see" the holidays and everything that comes with them through the eyes of young boys, and i think this might be my favorite part!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!