Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The past couple of years, Micah and Judah have struggled some with 4th of July fireworks because of the noise level. We did not do a big show this year, but instead bought a couple small "fireworks" after the holiday to try at home with the boys. We happened to be out at the lake for "blackout camp" when we did this.
They were good. Not too much, not too loud. The funniest part for me was watching over the course of it, Micah and Judah's expressions. They are watching the same thing, Micah's expression changes over time, Judah's, doesn't.

I took a lot of pictures, very fast ones. If I scroll through them fast enough, it almost looks like video. It makes it more obvious that there is some change in Judah's expression. The change is subtle, and all in the eyebrows.