Thursday, September 25, 2008

From bump to volleyball....

It's funny how proud I was of each little bump in my stomach along the way, and now how funny it is to look back and see why maybe it was hard for others to tell that I even had a "bump". But when I was looking back over my progress last night, I realized the huge jump between 20 and 26 weeks!! Just 6 weeks and he really ballooned inside of me, to about the size of a volleyball:):) I havn't done as good as I wanted to with taking progressive pics of my belly, but these definitely show the growth!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

in 3D!!

It was totally cool to see our baby in the first ultrasound, but today we got to see him in 3D! How cool was that, not only to feel him moving all around, but to see him moving all around in 3D!! we could really see more of his face and other features, and of course, he is adorable...he will got well inside of the "captain adorable" shirt I just got from a friend:) I think he looks like Matt...we'll see soon for sure!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I was inspired last week by my friend Christin and all of her pictures of stuff she got at yard sales:) i have tried all summer (at least when i could) to get out on Saturday mornings and find good deals on baby stuff, and to no avail! But finally! This weekend was it!! Compared to finding nothing in the past it wasn't like I got a car full, but I walked away very pleased with the outcome.
I planned my whole route based on what times they started and where they were, and also based on what they were offering at the sale. I made it to my first location at 6:30!! And it was at a school and the parking lot was packed already, but it was a great find!!! It was the planning, it had to be the difference. It also helps a lot to know the sex now...
I found a heavy duty dresser that will be able to double as a changing table for the baby's room. I got a bouncer in a box that had never even been open. I got some plush toys, including a pillow in the shape of an Eagles helmet (for my husband). And I got a bunch of outfits that look like they could all be brand new, and it was all so cost-efficient!!!
I don't have pictures now, but just picture the smile on my face right now because of my excitement for my finds:):):):)