Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to fake it

I think Micah might already know how to fake a cry...not that I am ready to call it fake to him and not try and help, but just watching as it happens I can see a difference in the sound of it, a difference in the way his lips move, a difference in his eyes...
Crazy! He already knows how to get what he wants, I'm scared for how smart he might become!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blow Out

I was talking about diapers with some friends recently and talking about how sometimes they leak if they get too full or if it just isn't on right or something, and one of my friends mentioned something called a "blow out" and I don't think I fully understood until just recently...
I promise it had only been a couple of hours since we had last changed him, but this is what we found after taking his pants off the other day to change him...
Notice how far up the leg it goes...and how much of it is on the shirt...and imagine how much was on the pants that we took off!!

Terror Arms

I figured out early on with Micah that if he is crying without what seems to be a reason and his arms are free, all you have to do it hold his arms close to his chest and he calms down, kind of like if he is swaddled up...
I don't think he knows what to do with his arms yet and he doesn't know what he is doing with them sometimes... because of this I sometimes put shirts on that cover his fingers so he can't scratch himself, but I didn't have one of those on today and he gave himself his first good scratch and it looks so sad, but he looks more like a boy now too!! HAHA

Eye Contact

Today Micah is a little over 6 weeks old, and his eye contact is really starting to change. We are beginning to see how well he is starting to really lock in on our eye contact and hold his eyes while continuing to look at us. He is also starting to smile a little bit as he looks at us and not just in his sleep or while he is pooping...and he has a dimple and it is SO cute! We're going to have to get it on camera and video soon...

Bad Hair Day

Even babies have bad hair days...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My little man...

Micah turned 6 weeks yesterday!!
It's funny how quickly he is growing up and forming his own personality...i mean, I'm sure that personality is a pretty close reflection of Matt and I, but I like to think of it as his own...

I think he is going to be stubborn, and independent...and those can be strengths and weaknesses, like many other traits as well...he likes what he likes and he seems to have learned already how to get it. He has a good lower lip pouty face, he has a death scream, and he has a kind of evil smile, like he knows he just got what he wanted...HAHA!!

He is also staying awake more during the day, mostly right after he eats, and this is a good thing, but with it comes nap time after about an hour or two of this awake time and I think he is having a harder time falling least this is what it seems like. But it is teaching us to watch for the signs that he is getting sleepy and we need to wrap him but before the screaming starts so that he can feel cozy and begin to doze off...the screaming is not so much fun, so we are learning rather quickly how his timing works!

At the same time, we are trying to remain as the ones in charge, not him...and with this we tried the other day to let him "cry it out." We said we would give it 5 minutes and it almost seemed like he was going to stop after about 2, but then it got even louder and after about 4 I could not stand it anymore as it sounded like he was hardly breathing between screams and his face was blood red and his veins were popping out of his head...I think he was mad! haha, but I picked him up and of course all was fine...we'll try again soon...

Monday, January 19, 2009


Micah is adorable!!! And I truly adore him!!

It seems that everyone's "advice" for us when we got pregnant was that our life would never be the same, and I don't think most people were trying to convey this in a positive way...

I know that life is different, there is no way for it not to be, but Matt and I have talked about and are trying to do everything we can to include Micah into our lives instead of just trying to live a life revolved around him, and so far it seems to be working.

I have slowly integrated myself back into the reality of being wife, mother, part time worker, volleyball coach, etc. and I am bringing Micah along in these areas of my life. I carry him around at volleyball practice and he is just so good and calm. Last night we had a pizza dinner with a bunch of 8th graders followed by ice skating for a couple of hours with a bunch and Middle School and High School students...and Micah was by my side for all of it, and he was amazing!! He slept through pizza and half of ice skating, woke up to eat and then stayed awake and observant of all that was going on until we put him to bed around 1 am when he was still awake but leisurely lay there until he fell asleep...he is so wonderful!!! And he is a part of our everyday lives!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I know everyone thinks their own baby is the cutest baby in the world, but everyone else can't have the cutest baby in the world if I do!! I mean, he is really good-looking...a very pretty baby with a very chill personality...and some great clothes that just increase the cute factor tenfold! He is SO adorable and I find it hard to stop gazing at him sometimes:) I am also in awe that we have been blessed with this amazing child. Thanks God!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Day of Milestones

Today is a day to remember...
It all started with Micah sleeping a little over 4 hours straight between a 5-hour feeding! That was special for me:) It may have helped that he was awake for almost 6 hours straight yesterday, totally wore himself out!
Then we had our 1 month check-up at the doctor where Micah got weighed and measured...he is up to 7 lbs 9 oz, a full 2 pounds more than when we took him home from the hospital exactly 1 month ago...just over an ounce a day!! And he is up to 20 inches...he won't fit in one arm for too much longer!
Micah has a little bit of a rash in the crease of his leg. Not too big of a deal, really, but he got his first prescription today!! Maybe not something to be excited about, but still a milestone of sorts.
Another milestone of today, though a sad one indeed, were tears. Micah has definitely cried before, he does have a set of lungs even though the majority of the time he is very chill. But today when he cried, his eyes actually watered up and a little bit of tear came out. It was SO sad. Though it is interested and intriguing how babies work and when things start happening, i don't suppose that any mother wants to ever see her child shedding tears!!
Definitely a day to remember....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clothes and more...

It's funny that it feels like this past month of Micah's life has flown by, and at the same time it feels like forever ago that we brought him home from the hospital. And to think back to then is also humorous...thinking about how we would have to do laundry every other day because Micah would either pee through his diaper and onto his clothes and blankets, or else he would pee on himself and his clothes while we were trying to change him, and we had so few clothes that even fit him while he was that small...but now...
Not only is he growing into more of his clothes, but we have been so blessed to have received SO many clothes from another family. Clothes that will fit Micah until he is 2, or probably until he is 4 because that is when he will be the size of a normal 2 year old!!
We were given so many clothes that not only will we not have to do laundry as often, but we might be able to never do laundry because there are probably enough clothes for him to wear something new every day until he grows into the next size!!!
But really, we have been so blessed, and thus humbled, through this whole process. All through the pregnancy, but especially as birth got closer and then happened, others were constantly blessing us with their time, money, gifts, hand downs, meals, etc. There is very little we have actually had to buy for Micah and, through this, God has shown us more of His love and His grace, and we are humbled! I pray we do not take any of this for granted or forget where it all has come from. God has definitely shown us Himself through Micah and I want to make sure we continue to keep my eyes open to Him!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I think it is funny how early on you can see how a baby is just a little person. Micah is a little man, and I can already find that he is similar to adults in random ways. Micah cries when he is hungry, and that's usually a pretty easy one to figure out. But some days, he just cries, and he doesn't stop, and he is clean and fed and not tired, just crying, sometimes very loudly...but then play some music loudly than his cry and he is totally OK. Like he completely forgot why he might have been crying in the first place...and I think we can be like that too...maybe not the uncontrollably crying part, but whether it is being in a fight with someone else or being in an internal fight, and then something becomes louder than the fight (either literally or figuratively) and all of a sudden we can't even remember what the problem was in the first place!! HaHa! He is such a cute little man, he is!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time Flies!

I can't believe it has been 4 weeks since I went to the hospital wondering if it would be "the day"...and it was, though it happened slightly after midnight, so it is actually 4 weeks tomorrow, but that is just craziness. I don't know if I really thought it would be harder or easier, or faster or slower, but 4 weeks have come and gone and I am so grateful for each and every moment of those weeks. Yes, even through the screaming, and uncontrollable pooping and peeing everywhere...through not knowing why he might be crying and through the sleepless nights...
But when others meet him for the first time or see him and ask me how things are going, those aren't the moments that come to mind. It's the snuggling he does after a feeding, or the way he grips my fingers, or the cute little noises and faces he makes as he is waking up. Or I think about how beautiful he is, or how much of a gift he is, or how blessed we have been by God through this whole process. I know I won't simply forget every hard moment, but it is so much easier to look at him and just be in awe at how precious he is and what a gift he has been to us over these past 4 weeks, even if they have flown by so fast!
Even as I sit and type this, I look at him and smile, he is SO darn cute I can hardly stand it! It's crazy, though, even looking back over 4 weeks and seeing how much he has grown (he is almost ready to fit into regular newborn clothes!) and how much his looks are developing, and how much better he is at making eye contact. And it's crazy how much we have learned in 4 weeks! Like always put something over him while changing his diaper (even though it sometimes fails, it works more often than not), how much he likes music and it calms him, how much he likes taking a bath, how he doesn't like to sleep flat on his back, he likes his head rubbed, he likes to be held (a lot), knowing what is hunger and what is just a fussy cry, knowing he likes the roof of his mouth to be massaged by a finger more than he likes a pacifier...We are learning about us, we are learning about parenting, and we are learning about Micah and who he is becoming:):) Life is great!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Real Bath

It's actually been quite fun recently to give Micah a bath because he is so content he is practically falling asleep in the tub. The picture of him crying (and the wetness around him from relieving himself) are from a sponge bath, and the others are from a real bath, though you should notice that there is still a comfort level that allows him to go to the bathroom:):)