Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snack Time

Micah is really enjoying food! All sorts, and I am SO glad he has not been a real picky eater!
One of my favorite things to watch over the past month or so has been Micah learning to feed himself. No utensils yet! But the art of learning how to grab something with his fingers and then get it in his mouth. Entertaining, eye opening, and at times (when there is other stuff he can get his fingers around but shouldn't be eating) dangerous!
Here he is examining the snacks he has been given. Trying it out in his hand.
Concentrating really hard on getting it just right in between his fingers...and as you can see, the left hand is in a fist, which likely means he has already gotten one in that hand.
Deciding on the left hand, he approaches the mouth, very successfully...
Then switches hands and eats one with the right hand while the left hand is getting ready for the next bite. He has learned early on how to be more efficient with two hands!
This on appears it did not quite make it in the mouth. There seems to be one in the finger area and one stuck lower on the palm...but he seems to be determined to still get them in the mouth!
OK! That seems to be the look here! Got some in, sucking for a bit, and resting my hands. This is hard work!
But then there is a bit of frustration upon realizing that they are all gone.

And so goes snack time...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I like finding multiple uses for things. I have these green bins, and was so excited when I decided it would be great to collect Micah's toys downstairs so we have somewhere to keep them that is handy and also looks decent.
But we have recently found another use for the container.

A place to contain Micah....and his toys!

That look is total contentment. Or maybe serious concentration...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Favorites

Micah has some definite favorites right now in life! He is 9 months old now and his personality, as well as likes and dislikes, are really shining through...

This bike is an absolute must! If it is in the room while he is trying to eat, forget it! the bike wins, no matter how hungry he may have seemed before eating!! he can sit on it pretty good, though we do surround it with big pillows for softer falls...because they do happen! It talks and sings and says numbers and letters and makes funny sounds, and he loves it!!

He also loves standing. On anything! and the bike is one of the things he doesn't sit on for too long before realizing it might be more fun to stand on. He stays pretty steady, has gotten pretty good at safe dismounts, and I think he might think he is THE man here!!
The open onsie is due to the fact that he is NOT at all thrilled about diaper changes, especially if he is not otherwise occupied during it, and even worse if he has done a #2! So, sometimes we don't completely finish the process of getting clothes fully snapped back on. Sometimes it's just easier to let him get back to playing and not worry about the clothes (also why he often ends up wearing just a diaper around the house!).

I think it could only get better than this if he was standing too!! He loves the bike and he loves this brown outfit. It is soft and furry, and if it were a blanket, I think he might take it with him everywhere. We normally use it more like a blanket, but sometimes it is fun to put it on him and watch the smiles stay big!! He can be in the middle of a bad cry and just can't help but smile if this gets rubbed up against his face. There's not much like seeing the joy it brings him to have this touching his skin!!
Thanks to the friends who gave us the bike and the outfit! We are oh so grateful for the memories we will have because of them!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Bruise

It's not a terrible one.
It's not real obvious unless you know it's there.
But I know it's there and I know he did it in my presence, so I am reminded that I am at fault. Or that he is all boy and it's about time he got a bruise...
He was playing with a table, and even though he is very small for his age, he is bigger than the table. He wanted to pull himself up, and instead he pulled the table down. Fell back and hit his head and the (metal) table landed on his face. Poor guy! I felt horrible and he screamed...but eventually he stopped and he forgave me for my lack of catching the table before it left it's mark. It's not too too bad, but it's there. His first real bruise.