Friday, February 25, 2011

Judah is fast!

Judah is extremely fast.
And mischievous.
He has just started walking and he is so good at it. And so excited every time he does it. And he is getting fast! 5 days ago we got so excited as he took about 5 steps for the first time, and now he is walking across the room. And he doesn't wait for anyone's help, he stands himself up on something and then just starts walking! He is so much more courageous than Micah was with walking.
He has also gotten really fast at going up stairs. He has hardly gotten the chance to practice and yet, he goes all the way up, he is very fast, and he has great rhythm doing it. He has just been waiting for us to let him go, but i guess we weren't giving him enough practice as we kept finding him halfway up our stair case without our knowing.
And he is just plain fast! He grabs things faster than I can get it away from him and he has a very strong grip, making it hard to get something back without a fight. And he is fast with putting things in his mouth too. He was doing so good outside the other day with his pacifier in his mouth (good for safety of not putting other things in there) and all of a sudden, I turned and saw his mouth moving and no pacifier in there. I ran over quickly, did a finger sweep and came out with an orange finger; a finger full of mud. He had gotten a clump of dry dirt and quickly put it in his mouth to moisten it up. And he didn't seem to mind the flavor one bit...I think he was actually saying "mmmmmm" when i took this one.

He's a fast one!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bath Time

I like bath time. 
When daddy does it.
When I just go up and take cute pictures of cute boys playing in the bath.
Below is a look at personality through picture.
And Judah showing off his teeth and his excitement for always wanting to stand.
Micah always wanting to be "hands-on" with Judah. And how Judah often gets frustrated by it.
Bubbles and smiles.
And ending bath time by brushing teeth together.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Times

I have often talked about the boys and their differing personalities. This has once again shone through, this time while playing in the snow.
This was Micah's first time ever out in the snow, at 11 weeks, in Feb of 2009.
He was young and had no idea what was going on, except that maybe it was bright out there.
The following winter we had a few good snow storms for our area.
This is the first one, just after Micah turned 1. And this shows about how much he liked being out in it.
This is about a month and a half later and Micah is actually smiling about going outside. And he got a little more comfortable in the snow too.
Comfortable to eat it.
And to lay in it.
So, it took Micah a while, but he did eventually get comfortable in the snow...and that is just like his personality: a little slow to warm up to new things/people/environments.
And then there is Judah. This was his first time in the snow.
All in. First time.