Friday, April 26, 2013


Things are changing around here.
With the boys.
With us.
With jobs.
With houses.
With life.

Isaiah is 19 months. Full of life. Imitates EVERYthing he sees. Is attached to his blanket. Runs hard. Plays hard. Has NO fear. Is stubborn. And is a great part of our family.

Judah is just over 3. He is generally our most compliant but has hit a defiant stage. He is generally chill but has dramatic moments. He has learned to ride his bike by himself. He is getting taller and staying skinny, which makes it hard to find clothes that fit.

Micah is 4.33. He loves to talk about being 4. And when he will turn 5. He has mastered his bike. Is great at any sport with a ball. Is a great helper. Still loves his sleep, including his nap. He is not as social as the others, but is very polite, and loves to talk!

Matt and I are coming up on 7 years of being married! 3 kids, 2 going on 3 houses, and lots of fun adventures have brought us to this point.

Matt recently accepted a position and started a new job about 3 hours away. It is good and it is hard. It is stretching and growing us. It is challenging us both, but in different ways. It is hard to be a "single mom" most of the week, but for the most part I think it is making me a better mom to my boys. It is helping me to be mom first, and dad second, and job comes in third or fourth. This is how it should be, for their sake, but not the way it always has been (or even still not the way it always is).

Our prayer would be for the house to sell quickly, and for me and the boys to make a smooth transition to be with Matt...but for now, I get lots of new experiences, lots of quality time with my boys, lots of new perspective, and lots of time seeking God's will in and through all of this.