Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Days Are Ending...

Not that a summer day is drastically different for us, since we don't have kids in school yet...but still, summer allows for different types of activities...and as much as we have had fun this summer with 3 boys who all love being outside, I am SO looking forward to fall weather and activities!

What summer has been for us...
Better than words...
 Learning to play UNO
 A new train table (trying to squeeze out Isaiah)
 Too hot to be outside, but wanting to
 Walks to the park
 building forts
 jumping out of the picture
 short haircuts
 candy bracelets from Nicaragua
 shaving cream
 quiet reading time and lots of visits to the library with Daddy
 big muscles that build big towers
 playing Angry Birds
 learning letters
 Chutes and Ladders
 "going to the beach"
 not feeling well
 sharing the "not feeling well"
 a "girlfriend" coming to visit
 "water slide"
 "water slide"
 unsure of the "water slide"
 coloring with brothers
sneaking on top of the table...

Just a glimpse of the past few months around our house. We've also had trips out of town, camping, time at the lake, time at the pool, time with friends, and more. A good summer, to say the least, but we are looking forward to this next season now...FALL!!