Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh time, where have you gone??

A picture our friend, Tim, took.

It seems to be getting harder to update things around here. I usually update as I take pictures and I know I have a picture to go along with a story, but the camera hasn't been out much and the updates haven't been happening.
Micah is a sweet kid and loves his little brother so much! Sometimes a little too much as it comes across a little aggressively...They are interacting so much more these days as Judah is now almost a year and is much more mobile and much more able to tag along and play with the things Micah is playing with. This creates lots of opportunities for us to talk about sharing and being nice and gentle, etc. Opportunities I am thankful for since we don't have a ton of other "play times" with kids to learn these things.
Micah is very much in a "pretend" stage of playing right now. He seems to do this mostly with his spider man figure, taking him for naps, putting him on the toilet when he needs to poop (though he is against doing this himself, at least he knows what to do when he decides he wants to start...), feeding him, etc. It's pretty cute. He does this in other ways to as he get on his little "bike" and tells us "goodbye, I'm going to work."
Micah still very much loves to sleep! 12 hours a night is typical, but is often 13 or 14! And he usually goes down for at least one long nap in a day, if not two. He just loves it. And even when he wakes, he can easily occupy himself in his room for another hour just reading and pretending (and who knows what else really since we don't have a video monitor).
Judah is almost a year old and it is hard to believe! He crawls very fast, pulls himself up, stands, walks if he is holding on to something or someone, and has taken a few steps on his own. He is much more daring than Micah was and we see this in his desire to want to walk now.
Judah is an amazing eater. I don't know that I did anything different (I think it is just like that, the whole nature vs. nurture thing) but he will eat anything we have given him to try! It's so easy and so nice. Micah is not a bad eater, but I think it is a part of his whole "cautious and skeptical" personality and if it doesn't look familiar or good, he might not even try it. And if we make him, he barely gets it in his mouth and acts like it is making him gag!! He might be a good actor one day.
Judah loves people, loves to be held, loves to cuddle and snuggle, and loves any attention he can get. And it's easy for him to get it with his big smile and chunky legs! He also has 4 teeth that make his big smile even cuter!!
For now, a few updates. In the near future, I hope to be writing about Judah walking fully on his own and Micah using the toilet!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Judah likes food!

Judah is not a picky eater. He is a picky drinker.
Micah didn't like cold drinks at first, but he transitioned pretty smoothly in the end.
Judah prefers his milk warm. He will drink it cold, and more so if he is thirsty while he is eating food, but he is pretty particular about the warm milk.
Not so with food. I'm not sure if he has tried anything he has not eaten. Again, this is opposite of Micah. If it does not look or sound familiar to Micah, he is unlikely to even try it. If it is edible (or not, actually), Judah with likely eat it.
Since he hasn't been that picky with food, I don't know that it's been as obvious when he really likes something. I mean, he will eat it a little faster, but we were recently given some baby "cookies" and we definitely got the biggest reaction for food that we have gotten from Judah.
 Eager anticipation.
 It's getting closer...
 Pure enjoyment, with eyes that smile...