Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Around the Block

Things can be exciting and scary at the same time, right?
Like my son learning to walk!
A couple of weeks ago we started "tricking" him into standing on his own. Like holding him from the back and then letting go of him once he seemed to have all control...he didn't necessarily realize that he was standing...but when/if he did he would immediately sit. He also did this to himself on occasion as well when he would be standing by holding onto something, but then get distracted with his hands, let go of what was helping him to stand, and continue playing with what was in his hands...thus, standing all on his own.
About a week ago we tried to take it one step further (haha, no pun intended) by getting him to take steps once he realized he was standing. Last Saturday he took his very first steps all by himself. All two of them. Since then, he has taken 2-3 steps each a few more times! My boy is growing up so fast! I know very soon I will wish that we hadn't taught him this so early......
He has also gotten very good at walking by just holding onto one hand (and he is much better if it is his left hand that is holding on) and is good when we each hold one hand. So, today we took him for his first real walk around the block. The hardest part??? Getting shoes on his feet! The boy scrunches up his toes! So, yes, he is wearing socks with sandals since sandals were all we could get on him!
And scary!

Friday, November 20, 2009

All Boy

I am definitely okay with my son playing with dirt, and getting dirty, and being a boy... not sure that I want him to eat it, but play with/in it...I am okay with that.
When I first put him outside, he stayed pretty much in the same spot: on the sidewalk in the midst of a few leaves. Then we added some balls. Then he began to be more comfortable with exploring the whole yard...after we had had about 3 straight days of rain!