Tuesday, March 27, 2012

boys will be boys....

 Micah jumping
 Judah jumping
 Micah, tongue always out
 Judah having fun jumping
 Micah and Judah painting the floor
 Digging in the dirt
Judah learning to work hard
 Lots of playing in the dirt
 Micah with a worm
 playing barefoot and dirty feet
 Judah's first time with a roasted marshmallow
 Micah taking a "bath" outside
 Micah and Judah getting clean after playing hard outside
Dirty hands, but the marshmallows are still finger-licking good

I love these boys and I love that they love everything about being boys!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Camera, perks and drawbacks...

I recently got a new camera and I LOVE it!
I love almost everything about it. So far! Everything except the transfer to my computer.
Not the point.
One thing I do like is how fast it can take great pictures. And I love this with kids.
I was recently pushing Judah on a swing at the park, while simultaneously holding down the button to take fast pictures.
Judah was not going very high and asked to go higher. I pushed him a little higher. But I was not totally able to see how upset he was about how high I actually pushed him (because I was more focused on the camera and keeping him in the viewfinder) until he started screaming, and then not fully until I looked at the pictures later.
I have NEVER.EVER seen Judah scared like this. Micah, yes. Judah, not so much!

 Lucky for me, and for him, he tends to get over things VERY quickly. No hard feelings here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Judah is 2!

Eating a "birthday cake" oreo!
Judah is very much his own person! He came into this world with a bang, and he does not cease to continue to surprise us.
As much as he is his own person, he also does and says EVERYthing that his older brother, Micah, does and says. Micah does not fully know the extent of his influence yet, but we hope that when he does, he will choose to use it more for good than evil.
Judah has a great smile.
He knows he is cute.
He looks the most like Matt out of the 3 (you can tell by the ears!).
He loves Elmo, but only to an extent since Micah was never a big Elmo person.
He loves Veggie Tales and will randomly break out in song, which usually sounds something like "ba ba ba ba ba ba beggie taaaaaaaaaaales!!!!!" This is obviously way cuter in person than written.
He is a people person. a schmoozer. a "cheeeeeese" person when the camera comes out.
He can most easily get his way because he knows how to be cute, even when he is getting in trouble.
He eats good. He sleeps good (in a toddler bed).
He is adventurous and he helps Micah to be more courageous by going first. Most easily noted in jumping off of things.
He so much wants to be like Micah that he virtually potty trained himself about 3 months ago.
He does have a dramatic side, but he also gets over things VERY quickly. He doesn't get his way, screams/cries, sends himself to his room, calms down, and comes out a few minutes later and calls from upstairs, "I happy" and comes back down. Love how quickly he can get over things. 
I could probably go on, but I won't.
We love you, Judah!
Happy 2nd Birthday!!