Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Micah Spring 2011

 (Micah got stuck trying to reach through and get the new toy.)
Micah will be 2 1/2 in just a couple of weeks.
He talks great. He really tries to say things correctly if we are helping him, and I can understand almost anything he tries to say. He is also getting much better at putting his own thoughts together, as opposed to simply repeating things that we say.
He is very quick to learn things. Whether it is going to Putt Putt, learning a new word, learning a new sign, learning how to do puzzles, learning the words to a song...he is good. For this reason, I have spent a good bit of time recently trying to learn for myself how to be more intentional about the things I am teaching him. There is a lot of information out there about "tot school" and it is all very interesting. I think he is willing and ready to learn lots of new things, and I definitely think it would help him a bit to have some more structure in his day...I am hoping to start a "program" for him around mid-June.
Micah is doing fairly well with potty training. He does wear diapers at night, but otherwise stays in underwear. He has good days and bad, good weeks and bad, but overall, we are pleased to have 1 kid mostly out of diapers. We are doing our best to encourage him when he does good and when he has accidents, all the while trying to figure out what triggers the accidents. Stubborn? Control? Focus? Over-tired?
Micah has had his head shaved for a while now and we really like it. It is great for the summer, great for the shape of his head, and great to hide the cowlicks a bit.
Micah's personality still seems a bit tentative and cautious, but Judah is helping him to be more adventurous. He likes to have choices so that he feels he is in control of decisions. He is pretty independent, and can often be found playing by himself even when in a group of kids his age.
He kicks balls with his right foot, but in everything else that he does he favors his left, including writing, eating, throwing, batting, golfing, etc.
Some of Micah's favorite things right now:
He has two green pacifiers (that he sleeps with) but particularly favors one of them.
He has a favorite blanket, his monkey blanket.
His favorite snacks that he asks for are either fruit snacks or animal crackers with cranberries.
He likes to say "That would be great." I think this is his new phrase when he realized we didn't think it was cute for him to answer "oh yeah" to every question we asked.
He loves Judah!
He loves to help with anything around the house that he can.
Micah is a sweet boy and I am excited to see how he responds to having another younger brother around now that he is a bit older.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yet another month...

has flown by!
We have good moments and tough moments, good days and tough days...but life is good.
We are having our third child in September and just recently found out it's a boy!!
3 boys!
We are very excited!! They will all be close in age and we hope they become and remain great friends! And we are thrilled that we can continue handing down clothes and other boy things. Boy #3 is growing at the proper rate, and is the most active out of the 3! It's possible I will have my hands full, but it is also possible that he will be the most chill one yet:)
So, how has a month so easily gone by without me doing what I want to keep up with so that I have some solid memories? Trying to balance work, 2 toddlers, pregnancy, working out, housework, wife work (haha), having a yard sale, etc. Oh yeah, and sometimes there is just laziness. And sometimes there is just no brain power left at the end of the day...and sometimes, sometimes I just can't remember all the things I've been meaning to do...
All that being said, I think I will end here and use other blogs to update on how boys #1 and 2 are progressing.